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The Jeneral - Operation Blue Folder

    The Jeneral:

   A Synopsis:


A vicious murder triggers JENERAL GUS WIRANTO to mobilize his connections and global financial influence. The victim is the Jeneral's youngest daughter SARA and the Jeneral spares no expense to tap RON BELLO and his elite Interpol operatives to hunt and scour the criminal underworld in pursuit of her murderers. The covert mission, dubbed Operation Blue Folder, is orchestrated and financed by the Jeneral, a self-made billionaire arms dealer and down-to-earth beer-guzzling calm soldier who seldom exhibits a temper that borders on tantrum.

The highly-decorated retired Jeneral of the Indonesian Tentara Nasional Armed Forces is a doting brother to a sexually active sister, NURI, a self-styled party animal whose whole life depends on Gus' unending financial handouts and patience. Adding to Gus' headaches, Nuri often manipulates her heartthrob and part-time bed mate, Colonel SANDY SUGIARTO, Gus' best friend since military school and Chief of Indonesian National Police, to do her bidding, which infuriates the Jeneral to no end.

Gus decides to volunteer Sandy as part of Bello's covert operatives, but his presence among the secret agents has placed an unnecessary burden that leads to unexplained setbacks on Ron's mission and manages little, to gain an advantage in their quest to hunt down Sara's killers.

Although aided by modern technology, the operation invariably discovers they are often one-step behind their targets. Eventually, the elite Interpol agents stumble across the source of their frustrations when it becomes apparent that their protocol encroaches on another black operation performing the same tasks, but with a slightly different agenda. By joining forces, the competing clandestine missions take a drastic turn and unearth a more sinister problem, which could threaten the life of every person globally when the Interpol operatives start to unravel a deeper, darker secret that no one has ever suspected. The terrifying menace, a repercussion of a life-altering resentment preceded by a mysterious series of undisclosed related events, fuels a craving to exact revenge in a scheme of unprecedented madness.




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Alex Brillantes - author
Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis - New Edition
Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis - E-Book
The Brown Folder: (working title)
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Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis - Old Edition
Where to Buy The Jeneral - Publish date: Jan. 11, 2011
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