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Work In Progress: The Brown Folder (working title)

    The Summa Angelica - Operation Brown Folder:

   A Synopsis:

    A break-in at The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto takes Interpol operatives on an investigation fraught with utmost danger involving assassins, US, Canadian and Cayman Islands government agencies and US Federal politicians. An incunabulum known as 'Summa Angelica' disappears from its rightful owner in NY, ends up stolen from a ROM exhibition and causes panic among US senators, the military and a Manhattan multi-millionaire. Unknown to ROM and the covert operatives, the 507-year-old book contained a secret that would create a massive scandal that would rock US National Security. Agent Ron Bello and his team are summoned to locate the old book of moral theology, investigate its disappearance and the resulting clandestine operation proves to be the most sinister the group has ever encountered.





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