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    About the author:

    " Former System Engineer, Filipino-Canadian, born in Manila and educated at the University of the Philippines and various schools in Canada. Previous careers: Cartographer, Accountant, Auditor, Software Programmer and Systems Analyst.

novels, short stories, paints oil & watercolour and music: plays classical guitar, drums, keyboard & bass guitar. Grampa to two girls & three boys; Dad to two professionals. Volunteer bandleader at WWCF Church music ministry. Lives with wife in West Hill, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. "




  For more info, please contact: Alex at alexbrillantes at gmail dot com

Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis - Old Edition
Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis - New Edition
Slaves, Spooks & The Praying Mantis - E-Book
The Jeneral
The Brown Folder: (working title)
- Work In Progress -
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